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Testing Process 

Please note that all evaluations are virtual at this time. 


If you are interested in testing I invite you to complete the contact form below or email to set up an initial interview. I will send all necessary paperwork, legal documents, and practice policies for you to review electronically prior to the initial interview. 


Initial Interview

During this 50 minute session we will discuss your evaluation goals and basic background information to make sure we're a good fit. You will also have a chance to ask any questions about the process and get an estimate on cost. If I don't think I can meet your needs I will do my best to find other referral options. 



If you elect to move forward with evaluation I will send you several screening tools and assessment measures that you can complete online at your own pace. 


Additional Interviews

Once forms are complete we may meet for additional structured interviews. These are done virtually and are used to gain additional information about your experiences related to autism and/or ADHD. 


Report Creation

This is a behind-the-scenes step where I review all of your information and the testing data to help arrive at a conclusion about your diagnosis. Any relevant information is summarized via a report that we will review at the feedback session. 



This is our last virtual meeting where I will review findings with you and discuss any possible diagnoses and recommendations. 


Testing Do's and Don'ts

  • DO take a few minutes before the initial consultation to think about what you want from testing (e.g. diagnostic clarification, treatment recommendations, work accommodations, etc.)

  • DO take time to think back or ask family members about your developmental history, especially experiences in school or social settings. This information is important when looking at your experiences. 

  • DON'T take practice tests. There are a lot of websites that claim to be test-prep. This is not needed and can often invalidate the tests you are paying for. 

Interested in Scheduling?

Email is the easiest and fastest way to reach me as phone tag between sessions can be difficult. Please email or complete the form below if you are interested in receiving services or would have any questions. 

(360) 531-6729

Thanks for submitting!

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